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Is Growth Hormone The Panacea For What Ails A Man?

HGH is being highly touted as a wonder hormone.  The well-informed individual, merely, will buy HGH where he finds HGH for sale, almost always on-line, and many of his health issues are a thing of the past:  Is this true?

According to many persons, offering their two-cents worth, on the forums:  the statement is true.

Many have stated that after taking the HGH pills, the result was tremendous:  A burst of energy and greater endurance are two of the reported characteristics of the hormone.

Here is the thing:  some participants in the gh forums stated that such positive energy boosts, according to friends, were likely to all just be in the head of the person taking the gh (growth hormone in superficial formulation.)  However, when other participants offered their two-cents worth, they contradicted the negativity of such nay-sayers.

Clinically-speaking, the gh has proven to reverse the signs of aging when provided to elder participants.  The older person’s skin became measurably thicker–which is a good thing–since the skin begins to lose much of its elasticity and thickness with age.

The bone density of persons around the age of sixty-nine increased.  Some study participants reported growth–as to hair.  Tiny lines and wrinkles were minimized–to the nth degree:  possibly because of all the  positive age-reversal features of the product.

The participant gained much more momentum, from the standpoint of energy.  The re-generation of energy, then, whether accompanied by a more positive mind-set, or due to an aspect, within the physicality of the participant, is very much “real.”

Tapping into the positive benefits, of HGH some more, another study, engaging very young persons–wishing to burn fat:  found they were able to do it.  Along with “fat burn,” these same young athletes were able to increase lean muscle mass, quite significantly.

A study was conducted:  the participants were of the approximate age of 28.  Each participant was in very good health.

After a period of twenty-one days, the group taking HGH found that their muscular mass, improved tremendously said HGH for sale review site.  The other healthy group, not provided with the growth hormone, showed no signs of improvement, whatsoever, in way of attaining, more, in the way of lean muscularity.

Further, the group taking gh, additionally burned off fat.  Conclusively, then, the hormone acts as a fat burn accelerator; and improves muscular mass–at noticeable levels.

The naysayers aside, clinical trials do not lie:  The product clearly, performance-wise, provides, the user with more muscle mass–and takes away fat.  And that is a “good thing:” Isn’t it?

Pros And Cons Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs made in the lab to mimic the functioning of human natural testosterone. Also going by the name anabolic androgenic steroids, its effects boosts the human sex hormone by enhancing the protein in the cells. They are very common among bodybuilders, athletes, high performance trainers and young adults as well as being widely used in the medical sector. As much as they do have wide areas of application, they do carry benefits and drawbacks that every steroid enthusiast may want to know. The following a pros and cons of using anabolic steroids.

The Cons of Anabolic Steroids

For one, they can make your body big and muscular. Because steroids are meant to make its users big, they are widely popular among bodybuilders and athletes looking to bulk up during the off seasons. In bodybuilding, water retention is a problem with many steroids but not with anabolic androgenic steroids. They do reduce the chances of water retention hence resulting in a more toned and ripped muscle. On the other hand, one stands to increase body power, speed and agility. With the aid of anabolic steroids, athletes can improve their performance on and off-pitch making them better off in sports, but that is the reason they are banned in some sporting activities.

In addition, anabolic steroids do improve endurance. Anabolic steroids increases the number of cells in the blood and more specifically red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and when they are in large numbers, the carry more oxygen helping its users workout longer and harder. In fact, more oxygen help with faster recovery after intensive fitness session. Moreover, these steroids are vital in treating many medical conditions. This are mainly terminal illnesses and muscle wasting ones like anemia, AIDS, cancer among much more. In teenagers, they are used to treat late puberty in cases of hormonal imbalances.

The Pros

Besides the many advantages and benefits, anabolic steroids do pose some long term and short term side effects which may prove to be grave while others are undesirable. Short term side effects of steroid abuse includes both mental and physical health problems. These includes: acne, accelerated baldness, mood swings, and aggression as well as hand and foot swellings. Abuse of anabolic steroids also increases jealousy, irritation and violence. Long term effects includes severe problems like liver failure, damage to the kidneys and the brain. It also enlarges the heart, increase cholesterol levels in the blood therefore it increases stroke and heart attacks risk factors.

While other uncommon side effects do follow factors like gender, age and health condition of the user. For instance, anabolic steroids may cause shrinking of testicles, decreased sperm count and accelerated baldness. In females, it leads to disrupted menstrual cycle, deepening of voice and growth of facial and body hair.